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Osteopathy in sport

Osteopathy in sport

Osteopathy scrutinizes the musculoskeletal system in both health status as after a trauma.

Likewise, it also studies the predisposing factors of injury and as such not only treat tissue dysfunction but also such factors.

Specificity of each sport

The individual anatomy of each patient is adapted and prepared for different types of activity. However, muscle fatigue, contractures and back and limbs misalignments can overload the structure by more sensitive to certain types of patient injury.


Treatment techniques vary both in intensity as well as distribution of session.

In general treatment it consists of:
• manipulations aimed at improving bone alignment was predisposed or trauma.
• Stretch targets muscles and fascias.
• Drains and reducing inflammation.
Also they exercise prescribed in due time, both to improve the process to prepare the patient for their sport, either through strengthening exercises and stretching.

he most common problems

The most commonly affected areas are:
• Lower back (with or without associated pain in the leg).
• Problems muscular and ligamentous apparatus.
• Sore knees (both by poor alignment of the patella cartilage problems as wear).
• Shoulder, elbow and wrist.
• Foot and ankle.
Problems of functional type:
• Reduction in joint flexibility.
• mechanical limitations.
• recurring injuries.

Musicians and dancers

Osteopathy is also an effective way the ailments of other activities within the professional field such as injuries of musicians and dancers.

The nature of these injuries are specific to each type of dance, and also to each musical instrument.

The aim of osteopathy in these cases will maintain the structure strong enough to play arches so special movements like dancers and musicians.

For injuries musicians hands and arms are the most common problems together neck and lower back.

For dancers legs and back are the most affected areas because they absorb and enhance the strength of the jumps.

Within this individuality of the piece to interpret and patient characteristics make up the different predisposing factors of injury. All this will be evaluated and treated by the osteopath.

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