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Osteopathy in pregnant

Osteopathy in pregnant

During pregnancy women are more aware of your body as it produces the largest and fastest postural change in a lifetime experience.

The most common symptoms ranging from back pain to morning sickness. All this is caused by the rapid growth of the child resulting in a shift of the center of gravity of the mother and thus introducing postural changes every week.

Osteopathy and pregnancy

The safety of the fetus and the mother is the primary concern of the osteopath. After a thorough examination, the goal of treatment is to relieve the discomfort caused by the baby’s growth and improve the ability of compensation mother.

The mechanical operation of the pelvis and lumbar spine are important for a good delivery. During this process you will require good flexibility in the lumbar and sacroiliac output to accommodate the fetus.

Osteopathy can also help alleviate other problems such as heartburn, indigestion, constipation, pain in the buttocks, English and symptoms associated with low back pain.

Most common complaints in pregnancy

Women who go to the osteopath complain mainly of:
• Low back pain and leg pain associated.
• neck and shoulder pain.
• Discomfort around the chest and indigestion.
• Discomfort in wrists and hands tingling in the fingers.
• post-natal pelvic problems.
Many women choose Osteopath care during the period of gestation. The techniques are both very soft settling stage of gestation as the problem for each patient individually.

The aim is to help the ligament and muscle laxity associated with pregnancy.

Treatment can sometimes be supported by exercises.


• Take care of your back during pregnancy, particularly when loading weights.
• If prolonged standing is try to reduce the curvature of his back.
• When you use a cushion feel and try not to cross your legs.
• Always try sleeping on your side placing a small pillow under the belly to reduce mechanical stress and also put a pillow between your knees.
• If on the contrary prefer to sleep or rest your back should be placed pillows under your knees.

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