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Osteopatía en personas mayores

Osteopathy in our elderly

Clinic Osteopathy and Physiotherapy Rodriguez Aranda, working all problems arising from osteoarthritis. Many people believe that they have to conform to all the trouble and must learn to live with these symptoms because they feel that nothing can ease their discomfort.
In many cases osteopathy can improve the quality of life of these patients.

What is osteoarthritis?

It is the most common degenerative skeletal and is a joint wear. The parts most commonly affected are the hips, knees and spine.
The most common complaints are:
• Neck Pain.
• Back pain.
• Pain in the hips.
• Morning stiffness.
• inflammation.
• Reduction in moving joints.

What does osteopathy?

Osteopathy not only treats pain and muscle contraction but also the origins and possible compensation arising from osteoarthritis. Osteopathy pays function of our body to develop ourselves better.

Normally we think that having an X-ray degenerative changes of the skeleton, mean you can not do anything, but it is not. Sometimes the osteopath needs the support of new x-rays and blood tests to assess the condition of the patient at that moment.


Treatment goals are to improve mobility and reduce inflammation using soft mobilizations and other manual techniques ligaments, muscles and joints.

You will be advised on how to use your body and how you can improve your posture.

Age is not a barrier to treatment given in that manipulation and mobilization are mild.

You will also advise exercises that help increase the range of motion and reduce muscle tension around these joints.

Osteopathy pays the structure you have, but in some cases surgery is the most appropriate way and as such osteopathy will also help in their rehabilitation process before and after surgery.

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