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Osteopatía para bebés y niños

Osteopathy in infants and children

Osteopathy is a natural treatment option in any stage of life.

Osteopathy for babies

After a vaginal delivery, the baby is exhausted, the effort has been enormous for both mother and baby.

Small movements that exist in the baby’s skull served to pass through the birth canal during birth. But if labor is extremely long or too short can lead to poor recovery by the baby. The same would apply if the use of forceps. In both cases it can even cause excessive pressure on the bony structures.

Under the terms of osteopathy this may lead to changes in the baby’s head causing difficulty in feeding, sleep problems and colic.

The application of osteopathic treatment will not cause pain in the baby in any way. The most common problems treated in babies are:

  • Colic.
  • Gastric reflux.
  • Abdominal pain due to excess gas.
  • Sleep problems (messy, restless …).
  • Improvement of respiratory function.
  • Improvement in the overall mobility of the baby.


Osteopathy for children.

As children grow, they may show physical problems or falls that may have had in his life. Problems such as recurrent infections of nose, ear … may have originated in alterations or trauma to the skull during growth.

Visit to an osteopath.

When you take your baby to the osteopath it will take a medical history that will include from pregnancy to childbirth.

The osteopath will test the movement of several joints in a smooth manner and then proceed with treatment involving gentle manipulations and cranial osteopathy.

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