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Osteopatía para los dolores de cabeza y cuello

Osteopathy in headaches and neck

Osteopathy can be a great tool to address, resolve or simply improve many of the headaches from which we suffer.

How does it work?

Many headaches are associated or are caused due to muscle strains and mechanical neck and back problems. These tensions may be predisposed by restrictions or spinal injuries, muscle and ligament level.

Predisposing factors in headache

In general, any activity that requires a sustained contraction of the neck and a large number of repetitions will cause inconvenience, damage and impaired neck and related structure.

These disturbances are usually suffered by:
• People with correct or increase the cervical spine.
• People who develop activities that end up overloading the shoulders and finally the cervical spine.
• Patients with disc damage, bone, joint or muscle of the cervical structures.
• People suffering from scoliosis and discrepancy in leg length.
• other related issues can end up producing headache such as bruxism and disturbances and disorders of the jaw areas.
• Poor general position. An increase or excessive reduction of the other curves of the spine may end up affecting the neck.

How does the osteopath works?

The osteopath will seek to reduce the tone of the muscles around the neck and improve the tensions which in turn originate headache.

For this vertebrae they are manipulated and / or different types of stretching the relevant muscles will be made.

At the same time we will work on predisposing factors such as old traumas caused by traffic accidents, and even in positions that require extensions hipercifóticas neck. Likewise the different bones in the skull if necessary be treated.

The techniques are adapted to the age problem and sensitivity of each patient. This will curb the headaches at all ages in different types of bone strength.

Each of these techniques and the choice thereof will be explained to before treatment.


Headaches are a nuisance present in many occasions in all of us.
The source of the pain can be very varied.
In many cases it may be motivated by muscle strains and joint locks.
At other times they may be motivated by malfunction of the back and neck or misalignment of our position in both sitting and standing.
On all these occasions osteopathy serves as a solution because it will study and source of the problem.
Similarly, in other cases such as migraine also it is very helpful in reducing the intensity and even the same frequency.
In all cases, the medical history and the research necessary to the correct orientation and their processing will be performed.

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