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Osteopathy back pain

Osteopathy back pain

Back pain has reached epidemic proportions in the Western world.
Back problems not only cause discomfort in that area. It may even cause symptoms in the legs and other body parts. This can come from irritation or pressure of certain nerve roots or through muscle, and bone fascial chains.

The back problems can also bring headaches, neck, shoulders and arms due to reflection of the mechanical alterations throughout the body.

The discomfort of the back does not always originate in the musculoesqulético system, but can also come from other areas such as:
• abdominal or pelvic disease.
• Anxiety states.
• Dermatological problems.
• Kidney problems.
• Rheumatic problems.
• Tumors.

Osteopathy focuses its efforts on fixing the underlying mechanical problems and improve different symptoms and signs.

Thus the vast majority of back problems are mechanical origin and the osteopaths have been successfully treated for more than 100 years in Anglo-Saxon countries producing over 50% of visits to an osteopath.


• The most effective way to treat back is immediate treatment.
• Exercise regularly. Your osteopath will tell you what is best for you.
• Avoid being in the same position for many hours.
• If you take regular breaks repetitive work.
• Adjust the seat of your car and make several breaks on long journeys.
• Take your leisure activities quietly.
• Monitor the position of your children and do not let loaded with heavy bags or carried long hours in front of computer.
• During pregnancy osteopathy used to help compensate for changes that occur in the mother.
• Avoid heavy lifting in an inappropriate manner.
• Your bed can be part of the problem and should change your mattress regularly.

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