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Osteopathic Clinic & Physiotherapy Rodriguez Aranda, is directed by the osteopath and physiotherapist Jose Ramon Rodriguez Aranda. In it, we try musculoskeletal ailments such as:

Diseases of the joints such as hips, back, neck or wrists.

Back pain and back pain, sciatica, herniated discs, ect.

Cervical problems: spasms, whiplash, problems of discogenic origin …

Sports injuries and accidents.

Temporomandibular and cranial diseases as bruxism.

Sacroiliac, lumbar, pelvic or back problems in pregnant women.

Vertigo and dizziness problems such as migraine and headache.

Tears and muscle, ligament and tendon strains.

We offer our patients the best manual osteopathy and physiotherapy treatment that includes massage, manipulation, stretching and exercise prescription for maintenance and speedy recovery from injury, always personalized for each patient.

Our osteopath, Jose Ramon Rodriguez Aranda is continuously trained and abreast of the latest techniques to achieve highly effective treatments.

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